Modern Interior Design

Here are five foolproof ways to bring your kitchen to life:


No.1: Switch up
your greenery

Experimenting with greenery is one of our favourite ways to set the scene or shift the mood in a space. In the kitchen, stems and plants lend an organic element to utilitarian pieces, contrasting sharp cabinetry and appliance lines. We love the sculptural feeling that long shapely branches bring to a kitchen island, the hue that fresh green stems add to a dining table, or the sense of life that fresh florals evoke styled near prep-areas.

No.2: elevate your

storage pieces


Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the most significant difference. We subscribe to the idea that if it’s something you use every day, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be beautiful.


Take, for example, a crock and some servers; they can easily be switched out and add a lot of dimensions styled next to your stovetop.

No.3: dress up your



We’re all about displaying fruits on the countertop whenever we get the chance. It gives the kitchen a lived-in feel without sacrificing space for functionality.


You can do any fruit year-round, but it’s fun to switch it up throughout the seasons. Add interest with an elevated bowl and take a step back; you’d be surprised at how much it does!


No.4: add elevated


Pretty hand soap is another one of those simple, everyday use items that can be updated in minutes.


Designer soap may seem unnecessary, but an elevated bottle or two next to your sink brings a thoughtful and curated element to any kitchen.


No.5: update your


We love using textured or patterned hand towels for hanging over the sink or on the oven handle. You can style them on the dining table for formal events or even under a simple dinner plate in place of a mat.

6 steps for designing an entryway

A step-by-step guide for designing a welcoming entryway.

The entryway of your home does not just make a first impression; it also sets the tone for the style that carries throughout the rest of your home.

Whether you have a small entryway, an open-concept entryway, or a traditional entryway, designing an inviting entryway space is all about creating a space that merges form with function.

STEP 1: start with an anchor piece

We like to start with an anchor piece to give an entryway look some substance and increase function. An anchor piece can be anything from a console table to a side table for smaller entryways.

STEP 2: ground the space with a rug

Adding a rug to your entryway look brings warmth and texture, defining the space and creating a visual boundary. Whether it’s a long vintage runner, a rustic cowhide, or a small piece to centre your console table in an open-concept home, rugs are a great way to add dimension to your entryway.

STEP 3: add lighting

Illuminating your space is key in creating a cosy, inviting atmosphere. We love adding a statement light to draw the eye up in an entryway but layering in a lamp is a great place to start.

STEP 4: balance the look with a focal point

Hanging or leaning a large piece of wall decor above your anchor table draws the eye in to create a balanced focal point. In smaller entryway spaces, mirrors are a great way to make a space feel larger, but we love using them in large entryways, too.

STEP 5: layer in decor and artwork

Now it’s time for the fun part! Bring your entryway to life with functional storage pieces like textural baskets for shoes or small bowls for keys, and decorative details like candles, books, greenery, and layered art to fill it in.

STEP 6: add seating

When it comes to seating, we say the more, the better! In an entryway, extra seating can mean a place to rest while you put shoes on or allow for guests to sit. If you have room, layering in an ottoman, a bench, or even a small settee in is a great way to add more function.

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